Kuarantine (ft. Chris Jericho) share new single/video “Heart of Chrome”

Rock supergroup Kuarantine – featuring drummer Kent Slucher (Luke Bryan), guitarist Joe McGinness (KLASSIK ’78), bassist PJ Farley (Trixter), and vocalist Jericho Jericho (Fozzy) – have released another Kiss cover in the form of “Heart of Chrome,” which you can check out below. If you recall, the band released a cover of “No No No” just last month. The new “Heart of Chrome” cover features contribution from former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick.

All of us in Kuarantine were pleasantly surprised and stoked to hear the HUGE reaction to our first single ‘No No No!’,” shares Jericho. “So, what can a band that specializes in non-make up 80s KISS songs do to top that reaction with their second single?

Chris goes on to say: “How about tap the guitar player from that era to join the band? That’s exactly what we did when we asked former KISS axeman Bruce Kulick to join us on ‘Heart Of Chrome’…and he CRUSHED IT! See kids, there’s always a positive in every negative: only in a pandemic can you form a KISS cover band with the ex-guitar player from KISS!

Stay tuned for more.

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