Let Us Prey release new song “Ghost Echoes”

Boston melodic power thrashers Let Us Prey have posted (via Decibel) their new song titled “Ghost Echoes” in lyric video form. The clip was created by the band’s vocalist Marc Lopes.

Lopes states:

‘Ghost Echoes’ is a tale of someone who uploads their consciousness to a collective cloud/program to remain immortal and present to loved ones eternal. It questions the existence of the human soul or whether we are just biomechanics machines. We experimented with analog synth patterns to give the song a mechanical, synthetic vibe. Musically, it has a very syncopated pulse happening vocally, drum- and guitar-wise that’s very Fear Factory-influenced (a huge inspiration of mine), and having our brother Jimi Bell from Autograph / House of Lords do his infamous shredding playing style pulled it all together with what we wanted to achieve on this track.

The fresh track appears on the band’s impending ‘Virtues of the Vicious’ LP (pre-order).


‘Virtues of the Vicious’ track list:

01. Above The Vaulted Sky
02. Virtues of the Vicious (feat. Metal Mike Chlasciak)
03. In Suffering
04. Halo Crown (feat. Jon Donais)
05. Murder Thy Maker
06. The Saint of Killers (feat. Oli Herbert)
07. Ghost Echoes (feat. Jimi Bell)
08. The Cruel Creation of Me
09. Prey
10. And Hell Followed With Me

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