Mora Prokaza release “I See It This Way” video

Extreme Belarusian Avant Garde duo Mora Prokaza are now premiering a brand new music video for the song “I See It This Way,” which is taken from the band’s 2020 release, ‘By Chance.’ The provocative new video, which was created by Mora Prokaza, can be seen at THIS LOCATION [embedded below].

Mora Prokaza comments: “No borders. No warders. I See It This Way.”

The up and coming experimental duo combine the ferocious sounds of black metal with the street vibes of trap, tinges of industrial, and out-of-the-box instrumentation, creating a sound that is wholly unique and groundbreaking that you must hear it for yourself to truly grasp the artistic genius behind the Belarusian outfit.

‘By Chance’ is out now and can be streamed, downloaded, and purchased HERE.

1. WIMG (2:41)
2. Im Not Yours (3:39)
3. Check It (3:36)
4. Im A Human (2:41)
5. I See It This Way (6:08)
6. Madonna (3:19)
7. Be There (3:30)
8. Sorry Man (3:11)
9. Blacker Than Black (3:01)
Total playing time: 31:46

Studio/recording: Studio Mora Prokaza
Mix/Master: Shepelevich Andrei (Farmakon)

Farmakon – lyrics, composition, vocals
Hatestorm – drums

Cover artwork: by Mora Prokaza

Press release courtesy of Season of Mist

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