Mr. Bungle storm Montclair, NJ for an explosive night of music (recap, photos)

The Wellmont Theater was alive with anticipation as music enthusiasts gathered for a night that promised to be nothing short of extraordinary. The stage was set for a musical collision of two avant-garde giants, Mr. Bungle and Battles, and the crowd was buzzing with excitement.

The evening kicked off with Battles, the New York-based experimental rock outfit known for their mind-bending soundscapes and intricate rhythms. From the moment they stepped onto the stage, Battles had the audience under their hypnotic spell. Their set was a mesmerizing journey through a sonic wonderland, filled with glitchy beats, otherworldly guitar effects, and complex time signatures.

Tracks like “Atlas” and “The Yabba” showcased the band’s virtuosity and ability to create intricate, ever-evolving soundscapes that held the audience in rapt attention. Battles’ performance was a testament to their reputation as musical pioneers, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in live electronic rock.

The best part about Battles is watching John Stanier finally work his way to smashing his cymbal high above the drum set. It’s a signature move and always fun to watch.

The crowd erupted in cheers as Mr. Bungle took the stage. The band, led by the enigmatic Mike Patton, who still after 3 years was donning the Coolio look. Scott Ian’s chin hair scratched the top of my head as he walked out onto the stage. Trevor Dunn wore a Yankees hat even though they suck. Trey Spruance had hair Rapunzel only wishes she could have. And then of course, Dave Lombardo, the sick mother fucker that he is, got into his office chair and prepared to destroy.

The stage was transformed into a surreal carnival of the bizarre as Mr. Bungle launched into their set. The crowd was delivered with unrelenting energy. Patton’s vocal range left the audience in awe. As the night went on, Mr. Bungle treated fans to a wide range of their discography, including tons of covers I don’t think we need to hear after three years of the same set. I can’t be the only one wondering why the setlist hasn’t changed in three years.

With songs like “Travolta,” “Goodbye Sober Day,” and “Retro Vertigo,” it seems like these concerts are lacking the true essence of what Mr. Bungle was, is, and how I remember them. I’m definitely not knocking them as it truly is an amazing experience. But, it would be really nice to see them switch up the setlist and maybe add some horn players. It was definitely a novelty act to play their first album from high school, but I think we all thought it would be different by 2023.

Check out photos of Mr. Bungle and Battles from The Wellmont Theater show on September 9th by Dylan Lappin via the gallery below (click photo to enlarge):


Mr. Bungle:

Mr Bungle setlist:
Grizzly Adams
Sudden Death
Hypocrites / Habla español o muere
Bungle Grind
I’m Not in Love (10cc cover)
Fuck the USA (The Exploited cover)
Anarchy Up Your Anus
Glutton for Punishment
Hell Awaits (Slayer cover)
True (Spandau Ballet cover)
You Lose (7Seconds cover)
Spreading the Thighs of Death
Loss for Words (Corrosion of Conformity cover)
Raping Your Mind
Satan Never Sleeps (Timi Yuro cover)
My Ass Is on Fire
Territory (Sepultura cover)

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