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Necronomicon post drum playthrough for “From Ashes Into Flesh”

Canadian blackened death metal titans Necronomicon have shared a drum playthrough for their song “From Ashes into Flesh,” which is taken from the act’s 2019 album on Season of Mist, ‘Unus.’

Check out the clip below.

1. From Ashes into Flesh (04:23)
2. Infinitum Continuum (05:27)
3. Paradise Lost (04:55)
4. The Price of a Soul (01:56)
5. Singularis Dominus (04:50)
6. The Thousand Masks (03:20)
7. Ascending The throne of Baator (04:54)
8. Fhtagn (01:59)
9. Cursed MMXIX (04:13)
10. Vox Draconis (04:13)
Total playing time: 0:40:10

Artist photo by Simon Girard

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