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‘Prophecy Fest’ 2021 announces first bands

In their 25th year, Prophecy Productions have revealed details on the label’s upcoming flagship festival, ‘Prophecy Fest,’ in Balver Höhle, Germany. The gathering is set to return for three days and nights from Thursday, September 9th to Saturday, September 11th.

The following bands have been confirmed with many more to be added soon: Empyrium, Dornenreich, Dool, Dordeduh, and Secrets of the Moon. Check out the fresh new flyer below.

A press release says, “Crisis what crisis? Of course, Prophecy Productions are fully aware about the continuing global pandemic, which might still put a spanner into the works of this year’s Prophecy Fest – although the event is scheduled for late summer.” You can check out the ‘Prophecy Pandemic FAQ’ below.

The presser adds, “Please note that Prophecy Fest 2021 is planning with visitor numbers as currently projected to be approved by local and federal authorities. If the attendance becomes restricted further due to official regulations at a later point in time, tickets will remain valid on the basis of first come, first served. Invalidated tickets will be reimbursed and other options including changing to a digital pass will also be made available.

Label founder Martin Koller states: “Is it a risk to organise a festival during a pandemic? Sure, but we have carefully calculated the odd and will do everything possible to make this happen in the safest way. We are closely working with all concerned authorities and a number of experts to deliver a concept that meets all requirements. Our first priority is the safety of all attendees. Our second aim is to have a festival in front of a live audience. As an alternative for those who prefer to stay at home or those that are not allowed to travel, we will also present this event digitally. Unless prohibited as well, the digital festival is intended to take place even if audience participation is cancelled by the authorities. Let’s do this, it is more than high time to get our music back to the cave where it belongs!

Pre-sale tickets are available here, and here’s the online RSVP with more info.

Here’s more from the press release:


3-day-pass incl. “Prophecy Productions 25” programme book – 99 Euro

A digital pass for a streaming version of the festival will also be made available in due time for those who prefer to stay at home or who have no other choice. We are still working on technical details.

3-day-passes can be booked via the link below:


Members of the Grand Supporter tiers of the currently re-launched PROPHECY CLUB will be able to attend the festival in all versions free of admission charge. Please check here for availability and conditions: [LINK]


Is Prophecy Fest safe?
The primary concern of Prophecy Fest is always to provide maximum safety and security to all visitors, artists, and crew alike. This is routinely ensured by coordinated measures in consultation with the responsible authorities both on a local and state level. In addition to regular safety plans regarding emergency services, fire brigades and evacuation plans, the added challenge of the global pandemic is demanding additional hygiene and health concepts. Visitors will be informed of all mandatory rules of conduct that may or may not include wearing of protective masks, quick testing, social distancing, and other measures in regular updates in advance of the event.

What happens, if Prophecy Fest gets cancelled by the authorities?
In the event of a worst case scenario of a complete cancellation of Prophecy Fest by local or federal authorities, ticket holder will be offered a variety of options. Tickets can either be refunded or switched to an online pass with the price difference reimbursed. Alternatively tickets can also be transferred to the next edition. If emergency measures prevent an online version as well, digital tickets will also be refunded.

What can I do?
There is no guarantee of a completely risk free environment during a pandemic. We therefore like to ask all participants to follow hygiene and safety instructions to the letter and stay alert. Please make sure to stay healthy by checking the relevant regulations in advance and to act accordingly at the festival. Do not attend, if you notice symptoms related to the pandemic. Look out for yourselves as well as others. Be considerate and show respect to your fellow attendees, artists, crew, and official authorities. Please do not hesitate to consult with the local emergency services or inform security, if you notice health issues or other problems.


Prophecy Fest was founded in 2015 and already already sold out at the first edition. This singular event for dark and innovative music takes place in the Balver Kulturhöhle (“Balve culture cave”) in the Hönnetal (“Valley of Hönne”) near the town of Balve in the Sauerland region of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The naturally formed karst cave has been used by humans already during the palaeolithic age. Is is an important archaeological site that yielded remains from many periods up and until medieval times. According to legend and the old Icelandic Thidreksaga, the mythical blacksmith Wayland learned his magical trade from dwarven masters ins this cave.

The gravity of its history and the special acoustics of the Balver Cave provide a unique atmosphere that fits perfectly with the musical programme of the Prophecy Fest.

For detailed information on accommodation, travel, and parking please consult the Prophecy Festival page:

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