Revenge Beast release lyric video for “I AM”

Revenge Beast – the fresh metal act featuring Marc Rizzo (guitar), Doug Gussio (drums), Brennan McShane (bass), Jay Decay (vocals) – have revealed a new lyric video for track “I AM” — check out the clip below.

Regarding the project, Rizzo recently told us, “Revenge Beast is a death metal project that I started during quarantine, with some friends of mine, my buddies down from Baltimore with a band called Purgatory Earth, who I produced their new CD about two years ago. So I asked them to start this project with me because they’re cool dudes. They’re all great players, and so we’ve been releasing songs here and there and we’re trying to find a deal.”

Rizzo added, “We’ll probably release a record, full record this year sometime, and maybe even do some gigs, maybe some touring, you know, we just got to see what happens. It’s probably one of the heaviest projects I’ve ever done, we’re just trying to be straight up brutal technical death metal but groovy, we’ve got a lot of groove in the band and it’s great. Like I said, it’s probably one of the heaviest projects I’ve ever done.


Featured photo by CSNY Productions

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