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Rotting Christ release new single “Saoirse”

This May marks Rotting Christ’s 35th year as a band, and they are celebrating by releasing their 14th album titled ‘ΠΡΟ ΧΡΙΣΤΟU’ (‘Pro Xristou’). This album is expected to become a revered part of Greek heretical history. Remaining true to their name, Sakis Tolis (guitar, vocals) and his brother Themis (drums) honor the legacy of the last Pagan kings. Today, they unveil the album’s compelling new single, “Saoirse”.

Here’s more info from today’s track reveal:
“Saoirse” pays tribute to the Irish King of Tara, who was one of the last kings to resist the expansion of Christianity. In Gaelic, “Saoirse” means “freedom”. The song invokes this long-heard ancient battle cry from the very beginning, opening with a distant clang of swords. “I am the wind that blows across the sea”, Sakis warns as a riff comes charging in behind him like a tidal wave.

Like all of Pro Xristou, “Saoirse” was recorded and produced in Athens, Greece. Their new single also embodies the history of the band’s home country with its resounding choir and thunderous drum fills. But it’s also emblematic of the way Rotting Christ has evolved over the past 35 years. Steered by a steadily chugging rhythm section, minor chords and melodic leads unfurl with the towering majesty of an ancient tapestry. At the center of this black metal fresco stands Sakis, the unwavering captain of Rotting Christ’s battle ship. “Hails to our ancient Kingdom”, he growls, still fierce and full of fight after all these years.

‘Pro Xristou’ comes out May 24th on Season of Mist (pre-order/pre-save).


Photo by Chantik Photography

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