Toledo Death Fest announces 2024 lineup

Toledo Death Fest is back in Toledo, Ohio on June 8th for its 2024 edition, showcasing performances by Oceano, The Convalescence, Visceral Disgorge, Rose Funeral, Casket Robbery, and many others. The event, open to all ages, will be held at the Mainstreet Bar & Grill (141 Main St.), featuring two metal stages.

Here’s more info from a press release:
Highlights of the confirmed bands include headliners Oceano with their blast beats, sonic double bass, slow heavy breakdowns, low death metal growls, and shrieking metalcore vocals ready to annihilate the pit with their discography since 2009. The Convalescence is one of the USA’s unstoppable tour de forces, pillaging all across the globe to support their latest album “Harvesters Of Flesh And Bone”. Baltimore’s brutal death metal tyrants Visceral Disgorge bring their slamming riffs, guttural growls, and an onslaught of blast beats to savage the pit. Hailing from Cincinnati, OH, Rose Funeral brings its haunting deathcore melodies, insane blasts, and groove to tremble festival goers. Emerging from the darkest and most desolate areas of the Midwest, Casket Robbery creates its signature style of death metal by infusing horror and occult themes. Their trademark huge riffs and unstoppable grooves create the unrelenting, brutally catchy, and eerie sound that only Casket Robbery is known for.

Since its inception in 2009 by Keith Wampler, the frontman of The Convalescence and owner of The Legend Agency, the festival has showcased the talents of some of the American Midwest’s best up-and-coming metal bands. Past editions have seen past support from well-known artists such as Jungle Rot, Malevolent Creation, Filth, Signs of The Swarm and The Breathing Process among many more. The festival has been an extreme metal pilgrimage for fans living in the surrounding states of Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and West Virginia.”

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Toledo Death Fest 2024 lineup:
Oceano (Chicago, IL)
The Convalescence (Toledo, OH)
Visceral Disgorge (Baltimore, MD)
Rose Funeral (Cincinnati, OH)
Casket Robbery (Madison WI)
Mutilatred (Toledo, OH)
Sea Of Treachery (Hebron, KY)
Embryonic Autopsy (Chicago, IL)
Gorepig (Jonesboro, AR)
Ignominious (Norwalk, OH)
Mutilation Barbeque (Cleveland, OH)
Goonlord (De Land, FL)
Stand Abandoned (Barnstead, NH)
Killcrown (Hastings, MI)
72 Legions (Akron, OH)
The Behest Of Serpents (Canton, OH)
Cerebral Cortex (Toledo, OH)

Toledo Deathfest 2024 flyer

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