Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn closing temporarily

Brooklyn rock and metal concert space and bar Saint Vitus will be closing temporarily due to the new NY ban on gatherings in restaurants, bars and cafes caused by the ongoing threat of Coronavirus.

The venue writes:

By now, it’s likely that you’ve all seen the news and figured out that we’re going to be closed temporarily. Upcoming shows at Vitus are canceled or postponed as we all do our part to stay home and help slow the spread of COVID-19. We’re working on rescheduling as much as we can, and will keep you all posted. We’ll honor tickets at future dates for any shows we can reschedule. We, and other venues like us, would also ask that you don’t request a refund if you can, and we appreciate your understanding.

We need youse to stay safe and healthy until we get to reopen. Wash your fucking hands! Practice good social distancing—you can throw up the horns and shout HAILS at each other from a safe 6 feet away.

In the meantime, if you can swing it, please buy merch from the bands that have been forced to cancel shows. Or, if you know your favorite bartender is in a band (a lot of them are), buy merch from them! A lot of Bandcamp pages allow you to pay extra on downloads, so we recommend that as well. We’ve also got an online shop for Vitus merch (at [LINK] or via our website) so you don’t have to come into the bar to pick that stuff up.

And if it’s within your means, we’d also recommend donating to a bartender relief fund like the one at [LINK] and to your local food bank. Folks around the country will suddenly find themselves without an income stream.

In the meantime, we’ll still be around online (what else are we gonna do?!?).

Hails (from at least six feet away)!

The Vitus crew

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