Serum 114 unveil new LP ‘Im Zeichen der Zeit,’ release “Abgefucktes Leben” video

German punk rockers Serum 114 have been kicking up the fuss for over 10 years with their hard-hitting blend of punk and modern rock – without counting bruises or scars! Today, the punk rock unit releases their new single, “Abgefucktes Leben” (engl. “fucked up life”), along with an authentic music video, fresh off their upcoming album Im Zeichen der Zeit (engl. “signs of time”), to be released via Napalm Records on September 18, 2020 [pre-order]. Following their chart-topping longplayer Die Nacht Mein Freund (engl. “the night is my friend”) (GER #3), the new full-length includes 14 energetic tracks, careening towards a rock break-out.

As a harbinger of the upcoming album their second single “Abgefucktes Leben” delivers pure modern rock. Wearing their punk rock attitude on their sleeves, the mid-tempo anthem illuminates the simplicity of daily life. The accompanying audio-visual hits the nail on the head and showcases that Serum 114 aren’t preoccupied with taking themselves too seriously. With their new offering, they double down on their musical power and present themselves stronger than ever before: lyrically, musically and stylistically!

Serum 114 on their new single “Abgefucktes Leben”:
An ode to banality and the lightness of being. An homage to the child in our heads and the Peter Pan in our hearts. Today the rest of the world can take themselves seriously – we won’t!

Watch the new video for “Abgefucktes Leben” here:

Photo by Christian Eschweiler

Press release courtesy of Freeman Promotions

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