Spook The Horses release “Cell Death” music video

New Zealand’s Spook The Horses are planning to release their new full-length album, ‘Empty Body,’ on August 28th (pre-order).

The band have just shared (via New Noise Magazine) their new single, “Cell Death,” in music video form, which you can check out below.

Here’s more info from a fresh press release:

Following the calm and sublime People Used To Live Here, Empty Body rears its head with distortion levels cranked up, tempos sped up, and songs condensed and stripped down to the bare, ugly essentials. Indeed, Empty Body comes as a brutal wake-up call within the rampant COVID-19 fatigue and an unexpected surprise in almost every regard. “We’ve always been both a heavy and a quiet band. An entire album of our prettier, more bittersweet inclinations demands a reply of our most aggressive and confrontational. The pendulum must swing back the other way,” comments multi-instrumentalist Callum Gay.

Our music videos have, until now, focused on the abstract and surreal, not wanting to insert ourselves into the conversation between sound, image, and the viewer,” he continues. “With ‘Cell Death,’ coming from our most raw and transparent record yet, the band is out in full force. In this video, we bring an adaption of our live shows to the screen, projecting the energy and sensory overload we bring to the stage, while also respecting the artifice of video production.

Related: Spook The Horses premiered their new song/video “Self-Destroyer” in June.

Stream “Cell Death”:

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