Spook The Horses share new song/video “Self-Destroyer”

New Zealand’s Spook The Horses are planning to release their new full-length album, ‘Empty Body,’ on August 28th (pre-order).

The band have just premiered their new single, “Self-Destroyer,” in music video form, which you can check out below.

Multi-instrumentalist Callum Gay comments:

We’ve always been both a heavy and a quiet band. An entire album of our prettier, more bittersweet inclinations demands a reply of our most aggressive and confrontational. The pendulum must swing back the other way.

Gay continues to say:

Since we started work on People Used To Live Here years ago we knew the album would need a follow-up that was radically different – almost spitefully different – if only to utterly refuse any trite suggestion that we might be “maturing” or mellowing out with time. We’d written the song ‘Self Destroyer’ (off Empty Body) somehow concurrently with the early People Used To Live Here demos and it had a sense of momentum to it that immediately engaged us. Once that energy was there it was an obvious choice for the next record, compressing our intuitive emotive peaks into raw forward motion. We all wrote collectively with the new focus in mind.

Stream “Self-Destroyer”:

‘Empty Body’ Track Listing:
1. Self Destroyer
2. Cell Death
3. Counting Days On Bone
4. Apology Rot
5. Writhing
6. Gestalt
7. The Maw
8. Watermark
9. Inheritance

Band lineup:
Zach Meech – drums, guitar, vocals
Alex Ross – bass
Donnie Cuzens – guitar, synth
Callum Gay – guitar, drums, vocals, synth
Ben Dentice – guitar
Max Telfer – visuals

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