Tallah share “Red Light” music video

So called Pennsylvania ‘Nu-Core’ act Tallah have revealed (via Metal Injection) the official music video for their new track “Red Light,” which appears on the band’s upcoming full-length album titled ‘Matriphagy’ (due out October 2nd on Earache Records – pre-order).

Singer Bonitz said:

‘Red Light‘ is sheer chaos. It is a madman rambling. Unlike some of the other songs on ‘Matriphagy‘, the concept behind ‘Red Light‘ is very much obscured in a delirious fog. The story is there, the themes are there, but everything is jumbled together by the character’s stream of consciousness, guilt, and wild emotions. Between the angry, driving drums, odd time signatures, operatic vocals, rapping, villainous theatrics, and chunky guitar/bass, the message almost gets lost.

The overall point of the song is, ‘It’s time to stop.’ Whether it be a toxic thought pattern, delusion, addiction, depression, insecurity, trying to control each other, whatever, the theme of the song is, ‘It’s time to stop.’ Stop getting distracted by yourself and all the little, screwed up issues you have, and look at the big picture. Your house was built on quicksand, and you are going under.

ICYMI: Tallah recently released a vocal video for track “We, the Sad.”

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