TDW streams entire new album ‘The Days the Clocks Stopped’

Prog metal artist TDW (Tom de Wit) is streaming the entirety of ‘The Days the Clocks Stopped’ via Ghost Cult Magazine. The album is set to be released tomorrow and deals with Tom’s medical history and how he fell ill with a highly potent inflammatory bowel disease at age 19.

Listen to the album in full: [LINK – embedded below]

1 – Crashscape (instrumental)
2 – Clockstop – Insight X
3 – Code of Conduct
4 – Clockstop – Insight 2
5 – Sleepless Angels
6 – The Pulse
7 – Clockstop – Insight 3
8 – Death and her brother Greg
9 – No Can Do
10 – Clockstop – Insight 4
11 – Epilogue – A string of repeats
12 – All we could do (CD only Bonustrack)

All music & lyrics written by: Tom de Wit
Produced & mixed by: Tom de Wit @ The Imagineering Suite
Co-produced & Mastered by: Rich Gray @ Gray Matter Audio

The main musicians
Tom de Wit – Lead Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Synths, Orchestrations
Rich Gray – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals (Aeon Zen, Annihilator)
Fabio Alessandrini – Drums (Annihilator)
Remco Woutersen – Cello solo parts

Press release courtesy of Dewar PR

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