The Ocean cancel January 2022 European tour

German post-metal band The Ocean Collective have announced the cancellation of their planned January 2022 European tour with pg.lost and Psychonaut.

In a statement released today, The Ocean said:
As most of you might have noticed, the world fucken sucks these days, and to contribute our own share to this great contemporary gobal suckfest, we see no other option but to cancel our upcoming tour. Over the past 2 weeks, several countries on the routing have announced restrictions for live concerts that make them de facto impossible, or imposed mandatory (and expensive for a crew of 18 persons) PCR tests as immigration prerequisites, or both. We’ve tried until the very last moment to salvage at least a couple of these shows… but at this stage and under the given circumstances, holding on to this tour would imply tremendous health- and finacial risks for everyone involved, from promoters to you and us. Therefore the tour is off.

Be sure that WE WILL reschedule these dates once more and this time to the warmer season, since this bastard virus just loves the cold. In the meantime, stay tuned for another big tour announcement VERY SOON.

Happy new year! Stay fit, sane and don’t lose your shit like we just did. 🤘🏻

See all cancelled dates via the flyer below.

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