Vulture Industries announce live stream + knitting contest

Norwegian proggy metallers Vulture Industries have announced their second virtual performance. This time around, the band will perform from the historic location of Salhus Tricotagefabrik in Norway on February 6 at 3PM EST/12 PM PST. The stream is free for all to watch and will be made available on the band’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Frontman Bjørnar explains further, “This time we travel to the historical location of Salhus Tricotagefabrik. Established in 1859 the factory was once the industrial heart of the west coast community Salhus. With a production line that went from raw wool to finished products, the factory had its production peak in 1957 and employed 357 people. Specialized in undergarments, stockings, sports and leisure clothes, strong competition from cheap alternatives drove the factory into an economic crisis in the 1980’s and 1989 it closed its doors. Now a knitting factory museum, the concert will take us into the very core of the factory.” Link to the digital museum is HERE.

Regarding the knitting competition, he continues, “With the ongoing pandemic we would like to do our part in activating you all, so we call on fans, friends and foes to do their worst and call the first annual grand knitting competition. To take part you must make your own special piece of Vulture Industries band merch. Long undergarments, a headband, a pair of mittens…. Make whatever you want. To take part post a picture of what you made on Facebook and tag Vulture Industries. The deadline to enter the competition is Saturday, February 6, and the winner will receive a 200 € gift voucher for”

About tickets: “We have fans all over the world and concert ticket prices vary from country to county. The ongoing pandemic has also hit some harder than others. Therefore we don’t want to hide the concert behind a paywall. Still…. generosity is appreciated and for those who prefer a set price, you can pick either a signed paper ticket or get a digital one.

For those who want to buy physical or digital tickets:

For those who want to donate:
Vipps: 653926

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