Cult Burial stream self-titled debut in full

London’s Cult Burial are currently streaming their new self-titled debut album in full, ahead of tomorrow’s official unleashing.

Listen to the album in full via Decibel. You can also stream a few tracks below.

Pre-order the album:

Here’s more info from a press release:

Rarely does an extreme metal band drop out of nowhere with a fully formed sound, and yet Cult Burial do just that. While their name may imply another group hopping on the dime-a-dozen OSDM revival trend, this London group quickly show that there is a lot more than meets the eye on their self-titled début, coming hot off the back of a well-received two-track EP.

The smooth sepulchral blend flits across the spectrum; while ostensibly a modern black/death metal outfit, Cult Burial have no qualms about incorporating the crushing low-end of doom metal and post-metal. Other individual tracks branch out even further from the formula – lead single “Moribund” draws from old school death metal’s HM2-drenched tremolo, while “Plague” and “Chaos” stretch into progressive territory and showcase a real strength in dynamic songwriting – not a moment is wasted.

Aside from the songwriting, the execution of each track is magnificent. Simon Langofrd’s composition pairs effortlessly with César Moreira’s varied vocal delivery – potent growls and twisted snarls collide with the daring range of styles employed, from the hefty groove in opener “Dethroner” reminiscent of Belphegor to the full black/death/doom amalgamation that rounds out “Sorrow”. The lyrics, which eschew the expected Satan-worshipping traits, instead turn inward and speak on topics related to death and a sense of purpose (or a lack thereof) in captivating detail.

Despite having only two tracks to their name prior to this release, Cult Burial have already begun to build a name for themselves – No Clean Singing pegged “Sorrow” as “further proof that Cult Burial is a band to watch closely”, and it won’t be long before this album starts turning heads and causing a stir.

Lyrics and vocals by César Moreira
Music by Simon Langford
Additional guitars by Felipe Grüber
Mixed by Simon Langford
Mastered by Chris Coulter at Decimal Studios

Track Listing:
2. Moribund
3. Chaos
4. Abyss
5. Plague
6. Kill
7. End
8. Forever
9. Sorrow
Art by ledgerdemain

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