Stream a new split by Dust Prophet & Conduit

Sleeping Village Records, an outgrowth of the popular underground blog Sleeping Village Reviews, is pleased to share their first offering in a series of two-track splits. Dust Prophet and Conduit, both spawned from the wildlands of New Hampshire, lead the charge with a pair of brand new singles released on November 20, 2020.

The label says, “Both tracks walk a delicate line between the bounds of genre categorization, successfully incorporating elements of stoner, progressive, and alternative metal. Dust Prophet leans into hefty hook-laden riffage on ‘Down Below,’ whereas Conduit opts for a Tool-esque slow burn through progressive pastures in their track ‘Constable.’ But at the end of the day, a certain unity defines this split: both bands’ strong knack for immersive storytelling and intriguing songwriting.

Stream and download the split here: [LINK – embedded below]

Press release courtesy of Dewar PR

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