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Fullminator share their playlist (Gatecreeper, Cattle Decapitation, GWAR)

Puerto Rico-based (by way of intergalactic space travel) crossover and thrash metallers Fullminator recently released their new music video for fresh song “Cyberpathic,” which was inspired by the cyberpunk aesthetic and themes of William Gibson’s ‘Neuromancer’ and ‘The Matrix’ trilogy. The video single is a rager and will appease fans who like their music fast, hard and with a sci-fi twist.

Today (and continuing with our ongoing column), the ex-intergalactic warlords have kindly curated and shared with us a Spotify playlist consisting of tunes from Gatecreeper, Descendents, Cattle Decapitation, Mastodon, Drain, Leeway, Gama Bomb and more. The tracks are streamable here and below.

Fullminator tell us, “This is a playlist forged by the hivemind of Fullminator, carefully curated for the sensitivity of human ears but still fire enough to cause pure auditory ecstasy. Some of our favorites from our formative years and a few favorites from bands currently on the scene, this playlist will keep the tempo up from start to finish so keep your ADHD medication on-hand just in case! Enjoy!


Fullminator is:
Lord Gartallax – Drums
Enforcer Blowmiux – Bass
Cyber Zurrfex – Lead Guitar
Master Kiununtrux – Rhythm Guitar
Reptilian Deluxe – Vocals


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