Gaahls Wyrd share new song “The Seed”

Norwegian blackened heavy metal act Gaahls Wyrd (ex-Gorgoroth, Aeternus, ex-God Seed) have revealed their new song titled “The Seed,” which you can check out below. The tune appears on the band’s five-song mini-album dubbed ‘The Humming Mountain,’ which releases on November 5th, 2021 through Season of Mist (pre-order).

I like the concept of a mini-album instead of an EP,” said Gaahl (aka Kristian Espedal). “I like the format of a mini-album. Back in the day, bands like Hellhammer and Celtic Frost used this format. The audience gets more from this format. To me, it’s more serious than if it’s just a few tracks. Plus, the concept of The Humming Mountain isn’t big enough for a full-length album. The concept was something I had to get out of my head.


‘The Humming Mountain’ tracklist:
1. The Seed (09:12)
2. The Humming Mountain (04:46)
3. The Dwell (05:01)
4. Awakening Remains – Before Leaving (07:18)
5. The Sleep (03:00)
Total: 0:29:17

Gaahl (Kristian Espedal) – vocals
Lust Kilman (Ole Walaunet) – guitars
Eld (Frode Kilvik) – Bass
Spektre (Kevin Kvåle) – Drums

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