Gemini Syndrome release new track “Broken Reflection”

LA alt-metal act Gemini Syndrome have released a new digital single by the name of “Broken Reflection” — check out the stream below. The song comes off their recently announced new studio album ‘3rd Degree – The Raising,’ which will be released worldwide on October 15, 2021 via Century Media (pre-order).

‘Broken Reflection’ focuses on the concept of Indra’s net. Basically saying that every consciousness is a crystal in a net or web and they all reflect the reflections from all the other crystals,” says Gemini Syndrome vocalist Aaron Nordstrom. “The thing about mirrors is, they don’t always reflect the image back exactly the way it appears. Sometimes the mirror can alter what you’re experiencing versus what’s actually there. ‘Broken Reflection’ is a state of being in a sense. We are all trying to show the best versions of ourselves, but we need to master those versions inside before we can present the perfect image and not have it be confused for something illusory.”

Generation after generation we build an ever growing structure higher and higher upon itself. Are we building it on a solid foundation or not is the question. Are we building towards something better? Or are we slowly building a faulty structure that is doomed to collapse?” adds drummer Brian Steele Medina. “It’s the idea that we can take everything given to us in this world: Education, Tradition, Religion, Politics, the entire structure of society, and we can do it all right down to the smallest detail, and yet, still not be fulfilled. It’s the idea that ultimately, the only way to live a life of purpose, is to follow our internal compass and forge our own way.”


‘3rd Degree – The Raising’ track listing:
Die With Me
Baptized In Fire
Children of the Sun
Broken Reflection
Sum Quod Eris
Best of Me
Hold the Line
Where We Started From
Fiat Lux

Gemini Syndrome on tour:
9/10 – Danville, VA – Blue Ridge Rock Festival

Artist photo by Dean Karr

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