Go Ahead And Die release new single, “Roadkill”

Go Ahead And Die – the Arizona-based metal band featuring vocalist and guitarist Max Cavalera joining forces with his son, singer, guitar and bass player, Igor Amadeus Cavalera as well as Zach Coleman on drums – have released their new single titled “Roadkill,” which you can stream below in official lyric video form.

Max comments, “‘Roadkill’ is about the homeless and the veterans left on the street to fight for themselves after they offered to sacrifice their lives for us. It’s a cry of desperation for homeless people who society views as roadkill.

Igor adds, “‘Roadkill’ is a track written for those currently living without shelter. No human should be forced out of their home, no human should have to live on the streets. Roadkill is a look into the frustrating reality of worldwide homelessness.

The song hails from the act’s impending debut self-titled full-length album on Nuclear Blast Records due out on June 11th (pre-order).


‘Go Ahead And Die’ track listing:
1. Truckload Full Of Bodies
2. Toxic Freedom
3. I.C.E. Cage
4. Isolated/Desolated
5. Prophet’s Prey
6. Punisher
7. El Cuco
8. G.A.A.D.
9. Worth Less Than Piss
10. (In The) Slaughterline
11. Roadkill

Artist photo by Jim Louvau

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