Grief Collector sign with Petrichor

Petrichor is proud to announce the addition of Grief Collector to its rapidly expanding roster! Grief Collector is a Heavy/Doom Metal band from the U.S. and formed around the charismatic vocalist Robert Lowe, famous for his unmistakable, high-quality vocal contributions to bands such as Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass and more recently Tyrant.

In Brad Miller and Matt Johnson Grief Collector has the skilled and experienced Metal musicians on board to create high-quality Heavy Metal with Doom Metal touches that can stand the test of time (past, present and future). Grief Collector was founded in 2017 and released an EP called ‘From Dissension To Avowal’ in 2019. This EP showcased references to the more recent Candlemass work and the Heavier/Doom approach of bands such as Trouble. Hints of Solitude Aeturnus are present, of course, as well.

March 2021 is set as the release month for Grief Collector’s new album ‘En Delirium.’ Expect high-quality Heavy/Doom Metal, performed with passion!

Press release courtesy of Hammerheart Records

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