Imonolith unleash ‘Quarantine Sessions’ playthrough clip for “We Never Forget”

“We Never Forget,” the latest video from Canadian all-star modern metal band IMONOLITH’s “Quarantine Sessions,” is available today.

Watch “We Never Forget,” available now via, at [LINK – also embedded below].

“’We Never Forget’ is a song everyone in the band loves,” says drummer Ryan “RVP” Van Poederooyen. “Jon helped write this song with Beav and I. He came up with the intro/chorus and verse riffs. We were actually toying with the idea of releasing this song as a single. It’s got everything from catchy choruses to slamming riffs and pounding drums. It’s a fun song for us to play live. It just has a great energy overall. The song lyrically is about living life and learning from it as much as you possibly can. No regrets. We all succeed in areas of life and make mistakes but the best thing you can do when you make a mistake or succeed is learn from it. Never forget what you learn. This is just an ass kicker of a song with a good message behind it. Hope you guys dig this video of it!”

“We Never Forget” is the seventh video in IMONOLITH’s weekly series of playthroughs.

“We’re trying to change things up each time we do these videos,” says RVP. “Jon has been hard at work making these videos unique and different from each other. We may be all playing in our respective homes/rehearsal space, but the effects and camera angles in post-production make each video different. Thanks again to our frontman, Jon for doing a great job!”

Tune in to IMONOLITH’s live feed on Instagram tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. EDT/12:30 p.m. PDT to talk to band members about “We Never Forget,” the playthrough video and much more.

All the previous “Quarantine Sessions” are available online:
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Photo by Erich Saide

Press release courtesy of Adrenaline PR

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