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Keaton Pierce (Too Close To Touch) has died

Lexington, Kentucky-based post-hardcore outfit Too Close To Touch have announced the death of their vocalist Keaton Pierce (pictured center in the above photo).

In a statement released via social media on Saturday, March 26th, the band said:
To all of the people who’s lives were positively affected by the music of Too Close To Touch.
We wish we had a better way to break this news.
Our friend & brother Keaton passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, just a short time ago due to a medical condition he had been dealing with privately.
We are shaken and saddened and speechless.
We all relied on Keaton to put words to feelings like these and convey them in a way that was undeniably one of a kind.
Keaton lives on through these songs that we made together.
He lives on through that feeling you get when you listen to them

Pierce helped establish Too Close To Touch in 2013 along with lead guitarist Thomas Kidd, rhythm guitarist Mason Marble, bassist Travis Moore, and drummer Kenneth Downey. As a five-piece, the band released two studio albums: ‘Nerve Endings’ in 2015 and ‘Haven’t Been Myself’ in 2016, along with their EP ‘Too Close to Touch’ in 2014.

In 2018, Thomas and Travis departed from the band, and Keaton, Mason, and Kenneth continued with the project, eventually releasing their four-part EP, ‘I’m Hard To Love, But So Are You,’ in 2019 and 2020.

In late 2019, the trio took to the road for a tour alongside Emarosa, hitting venues in Phoenix, Austin, Nashville, NYC, Philly and more.

Keaton was also an avid gamer, and enjoyed playing games like ‘Apex Legends,’ ‘Rogue Company,’ ‘Valorant’ and more on his Twitch channel.

RIP, Keaton. See a few tributes below.

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