Malacoda release Lizzy Borden cover, “Me Against The World”

Canadian gothic and power metal act Malacoda have now unleashed their cover of the Lizzy Borden track “Me Against The World,” which features Shane Provstgaard — check out the tune below.

Malacoda comment, “Me Against the World is the first cover song we’ve ever released. Ever since we saw the B-horror film Black Roses we knew we’d have to cover it some day. While our version of the song isn’t as hair metal sounding, we still have that 80’s edge by having Shane Provstgaard from Sonic Prophecy providing guest vocals on the track. We’ve been wanting to work with Shane for years, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so!

ICYMI, Malacoda recently revealed pre-order info for their upcoming EP titled ‘The Year Walk,’ and they also announced a lineup change.


1. The Year Walk
2. Beaten Path
3. Legacy
4. Damage Control

Lucas Di Mascio : Vocals/Guitar/Keys
Zak Stulla : Bass
Stefan Skjoedt : Artwork
Jeramie Kling : Mix/Master

Michael Farina : Drums on track 1 & 4
Andrew Suarez : Drums on track 2
Ryan Claxton : Drums on track 3
Gabriel Guardiola : Keyboard Solo on Track 2
Beth Wilson : Backup vocals on track 2
Wes MacDonald : Guitar solos

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