‘Maryland Deathfest’ 2021 post new update

Following their September update, the people behind ‘Maryland Deathfest’ have offered up a new statement regarding the possible fate of the next MDF gathering, which is currently set for May 27-30, 2021 at Ram’s Head Live and Baltimore Sound Stage.

The message reads:

As you may recall, we mentioned in our statement in September that we would need to make some very important decisions about MDF 2021 by the end of December.

We have been working on the best way to move forward over the last few months, but December just isn’t the best time for a variety of reasons to finalize a plan for the event. That being said, we will definitely be able to post a more thorough update sometime during the month of January, giving you ample time to know what to expect and not be left in the dark.

As has been the case since the start of this pandemic, the situation seems to change every day, and while there might be a dim light at the end of the tunnel, it needs to be a lot brighter for us to pull off the event in its proper form without a wave of bands cancelling due to the continued uncertainty. You can take comfort in knowing that we have contacted all of the bands and at least 90% of them have already committed to 2022 if and when it comes to announcing that.

We had mentioned in our post in September that Edison Lot could return if and when the event is moved until 2022. At this point, that is still on the table, as we have come to an agreement in principle with the new management of the lot.

We will continue to deal with this mess and fight to keep this event alive. Everything we’ve been doing to give this event a legitimate chance to survive is for you, the fans, so that you can see the bands that you were expecting to see earlier this year. We are giving our minds a bit of a rest from everything until the holidays are over, but we’ll be back with much more information in January.

The fest’s current lineup boasts performances from the likes of Dismember, Suffocation, Bloodbath, Archgoat, Birdflesh, Flesh Parade, Novembers Doom and many others. Tickets are here, stay tuned to deathfests.com for more info.

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