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Witnesses share their playlist (Little Richard, Anathema, Ulver)

NYC-based melodic doom metal act Witnesses recently released their album ‘IV’ on vinyl (get it), with the effort first seeing the light of day February 2021 in digital form. Witnesses is spearheaded by founder Greg Schwan (keys, guitars, arrangements, lyrics), and the aforementioned effort features guest/session musicians Matt Kozar (guitars), Jørgen Munkeby (saxophone), Gabbi Coenen (vocals), and MALMØ (vocals).

Today (and continuing with our ongoing column), Witnesses has kindly curated and shared with us a Spotify playlist consisting of tunes from New Orleans Klezmer All Stars, Arvo Pärt, Steve Roach, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Dead Can Dance, Thin Lizzy, Lizzo and more. The tracks are streamable here and below.

Greg tells us, “I decided to do a cross-genre list because that is consistent with the spirit of Witnesses. I did the best I could with 15 tracks. It was pretty challenging! These songs are all magic to me and I’ve revisited them time and time again. I could put each one on repeat for very long stretches–almost to a neurotic degree. But I love picking songs apart and experiencing them very intimately. Putting one of my own songs on this list feels like a criminal act, but I’ll go with “An Ending”, which I really love.”


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