August Burns Red celebrate 15 years of ‘Thrill Seeker’ with flawless virtual gig (stream review)

August Burns Red strikes the match and lights the flame for their 15 year anniversary of ‘Thrill Seeker.’ Playing the whole thing from front-to-back from balls-to-crack. They slapped it all the way through and even came back to encore the first three songs off their 2007 album, ‘Messengers.’ I actually got to attend the 10 year ‘Messengers’ anniversary show at Starland Ballroom in New Jersey, one of the first nights of my short-lived concert photography phase in life. They always pack the house and always bring the headbanging.

Nothing makes me happier than when a livestream concert is ACTUALLY LIVE! One of the main reasons is because it is unpredictable. Yeh, sometimes the quality got a little out of whack but over all, as Roger Shleebert would say, “Two thumbs up.” There was no delay, camera cuts were on point and the sound, the SOUND; F*CKING INCREDIBLE! It should be noted that the live performance was recorded for a special vinyl release (pre-order it). They killed the whole set like a matador taming his first bull.

The best part about August Burns Red is their positivity and their love for the fans and one another. This includes Matt Greiner who does drum lessons from home now and even has competitions to push other drummers. It also includes bringing out original vocalist, Josh McManness, who came out to sing “Consumer.” I could safely say he nailed it, nailed it so much that I thought Jake was still singing till I looked back up at my TV. Still, the best part of the night came pretty early when Jake was trying to get the audience riled up. His quote was inspiring and got the chat room to instantly start repeating it, “Get off your couches and your chairs!” I instantly started moshing in my room. I broke my gaming chair. I smashed my Xbox. At one point my mom came into the room and threw a hairbrush at me.

I can’t wait to see more from August Burns Red, actually wait, what’s that? There is more? December 12th you say!? Wow, before the livestream even starts, they announce, December 12, they will be having a livestream Christmas event! What a band! Here for the fans and here to have fun! I wish more bands were hopping on this but I’m assuming after all these successful online “LIVE” streams that more is to come. We just all need better devices, computers, faster internet, better speakers, and an empty warehouse where we can get the real deal feel.

In all, ABR brought the heat and I’m super pumped I got the chance to watch and dance in my lonely 10 x 10 room. The chat was full of super fans and the ABR moderators were trying to help anyone with issues. Great time and I can’t wait till Dec. 12 ’cause I will be there rocking my stockings.

August Burns Red ‘Thrill Seeker’ stream setlist (via
01. Your Little Suburbia Is in Ruins
02. Speech Impediment
03. Endorphins
04. Too Late for Roses
05. Barbarian
06. The Reflective Property
07. A Wish Full of Dreams
08. Consumer
09. A Shot Below the Belt
10. Eve of the End
11. The Seventh Trumpet
12. The Truth of a Liar
13. Up Against the Ropes
14. Back Burner

August Burns Red’s live stream is available for on-demand viewing through November 16th at 10PM EST via this location. For more info on the band’s upcoming holiday stream, stick to their official website.


Featured photo via August Burns Red’s Facebook page

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