Diaboł Boruta prep new album ‘Żywioły’

Polish folk metal crew Diaboł Boruta are getting ready to release their new full-length offering, ‘Żywioły,’ on January 17th, 2022. The opus was recorded and produced in Rzeszovian “Dźwiękonarium” studio by band leader Paweł Leniart (vocals, bass). In addition, the guys recently released fresh video single “…z popiołów,” which you can check out below (along with the upcoming LP’s track-listing and cover artowork).

Here’s more info from a presser, “New studio album called „Żywioły” is the strongest in the band discography from Rzeszów (PL). In addition to the folk-rock atmosphere, there is a lot of space for thrash and heavy metal, and the whole thing has been enriched with death and black metal parts, as well as elements of ethnic music and classical, melodic rock. The vocal parts have been solidly varied and the listeners will find on the album from pure singing to growls and screams.”

They add, “The lyrics contain descriptions of the four elements according to Slavic mythology: Historyię o Wiedźmaku (eng. The History of the Witcher) and the Pielgrzym sons, as well as two songs in English, The last song from the album – Ziemia (Dreamtime) tells about … Aborigines.”


1. W drodze
2. Pielgrzym
3. Prawdziwa historya o Wiedzmaku
4. Of Black Fairies
5. Pył
6. … z popiołów
7. Woda
8. Ogień
9. Powietrze
10. …i znów gęstnieje mgła…
11. Ziemia (Dreamtime)
12. Auha

Paweł Leniart – vocal, bass
Konrad Peszek – guitar
Krystian Szamburski – guitar
Lubor Vanek – drums

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