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Gatecreeper sign with Nuclear Blast Records

The highly revered and critically lauded blue-collar Arizona death metal band Gatecreeper has officially joined Nuclear Blast, home to a lion’s share of the heaviest riffs in rock and metal.

Regarding the signing, GATECREEPER states:

We are excited to start the next chapter of Gatecreeper with Nuclear Blast. We look forward to continuing the growth of our band with Monte Conner and the rest of the label.

Nuclear Blast’s A&R legend Monte Conner adds:

I love Chase and Gatecreeper’s killer work ethic and their marriage of brutality with actual songs. I am so excited to hear what they come up with next but I KNOW it will be their ultimate album. I am honored they have chosen Nuclear Blast and me to be part of their continuing mission for world domination.

News of the partnership arrives on the heels of the band’s surprise EP release, “An Unexpected Reality,” which landed on Billboard’s Top 40 Albums and ranked #1 on the Top New Artists Albums chart. The record was written and recorded entirely during the pandemic and is available now from Closed Casket Activities at

Gatecreeper’s follow up to 2019’s jaw-dropping album, Deserted, deviates from their signature brand of death, and drops a crushing mix of hardcore and grind on the record’s “fast side” and a morose dose of doom on the “slow side.”

Having already established themselves as one of the best emerging death metal acts in the game, Gatecreeper’s next chapter with Nuclear Blast will undoubtedly further cement their legacy for decades to come.

Welcome home Gatecreeper!

Gatecreeper Lineup:
Chase “Hellahammer” Mason – Vocals
Eric “The Dark Cowboy” Wagner – Guitar
Israel Garza – Guitar
Sean Mears – Bass
Matt Arrebollo – Drums

Press release courtesy of Secret Service PR / Nuclear Blast Records

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