Goat Torment streams entire new album ‘Forked Tongues’

Belgian blackened death metal outfit Goat Torment will be releasing their third full-length, ‘Forked Tongues,’ this Friday, October 29 via Season of Mist Underground Activists! The band is now streaming the entire new offering ahead of its release at THIS LOCATION [embedded below].

“Forked Tongues” is available to pre-save across all streaming platforms HERE.

Pre-sales are now live HERE.

Track list:
1. Pantheon Of Devourment (5:21)
2. Disorder And Disruption (4:12)
3. Cursed (5:29)
4. Forked Tongues (4:46)
5. The Road To Oblivion (2:08)
6. Profanation (5:13)
7. Deceitful Faith (5:38)
8. Ravenous Ghouls (5:41)
9. Charnel Houses (4:46)
Total: 43:14

Kwel: Guitars, Bass & Vocals
Torturer: Drums

Recording Studio:
Drums at MMP Studio, Duisburg (DE).
Vocals at Blackout Studio, Brussel (BE).
Guitars and Bass at Goat Torment’s Lair (BE)
Mixing and Mastering: Jérémie Bézier (EMPTINESS) at Blackout Studio, Brussel (BE)

Recording Line-up:
Kwel: Guitars & vocals
Vagus Nox: Guitars & Bass
Torturer: Drums

Guest Musicians:
Guest Vocals on ‘Forked Tongues’ by Thelma Ramon
Lyrics for ‘Charnel Houses’ by Rogier Droog

Cover art: Olivier Lomer (EMPTINESS)

Press release courtesy of Season of Mist

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