Julien-K & The Birthday Massacre tour postponed

Julien-K and The Birthday Massacre’s previously announced trek together has been postponed.

Here is a message from Ryan Shuck of Julien-K:

My friends, fans, and touring comrades:

Many of you have read the succinct (and obviously heartbroken) post from The Birthday Massacre.

Our tour has been postponed. We hope. We have had multiple RECENT cancellations on what WAS a very successful tour – there was no way to move forward after these developments.

Unfortunately no matter how much we WANT and INTEND to tour through this “hyper-manic situation” (no, I am not discounting the real virus that is hurting some people, I am referring to a media-driven melt down of the world economy) – Julien-K will not be able to tour w our friends The Birthday Massacre this Spring, and thus it’s financially & logistically impossible for us to play any other shows we have booked currently.

We ARE working on a real reschedule of the tour dates, but we do not know when the market will allow us to play again (trust us we want to play!). I personally think it will not be long.

We ARE soon going to announce a new plan to stay engaged and involved with our fans – as usual we want to shock our fans with new material and do things that they LOVE – even in the face of this massive upset. Why not do something crazy and make our fans smile? I think YES.

We will not be defeated. We will not be cowed. We will not be separated from you. We will adjust, and you guys will be STOKED, and we’ll be BACK as soon as these restrictions are lifted!!!! COUNT ON IT. BE THERE W US!!

Dates affected via the flyer below.

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