Korpiklaani release music video for “Tuuleton”

Today finally sees the release of Finnish folk metal superstars Korpiklaani’s new album ‘Jylhä’! In celebration of the release of their 11th full-length the band have produced another gorgeous music video for the song “Tuuleton.” Please also make sure to join the band’s Live Q&A Chat today at 8:00AM PT / 11:00AM ET – you’ll find the details below!

Watch the video for “Tuuleton” here:

Buy or listen to the full album here: http://nblast.de/KorpiklaaniJylha

Here’s what front man Jonne has to say about the new album “Jylhä”: “This is the most versatile Korpiklaani album we have done. We have some of our hardest, heaviest & fastest songs ever and we have the happy & melancholic ones. It is funny how you can do so many different kinds of music, but when these guys play it with these instruments it always sounds like Korpiklaani.

LIVE Q&A CHAT For today: Korpiklaani have announced a Live Q&A Chat with their fans. The online chat will start at 17:00 CET / 4.00pm GMT / 11.00 am EST. Head over to www.korpiklaani.live today if you want to participate.

Korpiklaani ‘Jylhä’ track listing:
1. Verikoira
2. Niemi
3. Leväluhta
4. Mylly
5. Tuuleton
6. Sanaton Maa
7. Kiuru
8. Miero
9. Pohja
10. Huolettomat
11. Anolan aukeat
12. Pidot
13. Juuret

Korpiklaani live 2021:
06 JUN – Sama’Rock, FR
12 JUN – Z! Live Rock Fest, SP
13 JUN – Metal Frenz, DE
24 JUN – Nummirock, FI
03 JUL – Tuska, FI
01 AUG – Skylar, FR
19 AUG – Rock Castle, CZ
03 SEP – Telakka, Helsinki, FI
04 SEP – Laukaanhovi, Laukaa, FI
10 SEP – Tullikamari Klubi, Tampere, FI
11 SEP – Möysän musaklubi, Lahti, FI

Artist photo by Peero Lakanen
Press release courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

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