Maryland Deathfest 2020 post Coronavirus update

Maryland Deathfest 2020 organizers have posted a detailed update regarding the status of their festival, which is planned for May 21 – 24 in Baltimore, MD.

They write:

Update regarding Covid-19 and its potential impact on MDF:

It has been 8 days since our last post regarding this. In pandemic terms, that feels more like a month, as the situation has obviously gotten worse on a global scale. We, like everyone else, are watching all of this unfold. We are very much aware of the border closures, travel restrictions, lock downs, and the potential impact that this could have for both attendees and bands.

We need your understanding, patience, and support more than ever right now. Everything we’ve dedicated the last 18 years of our lives to is at stake, so we’re asking everyone to trust that any final decision made will be in the best interest of everyone involved.

One thing we’d like to forbid around here is the use of the world ‘cancel’. This is NOT an option, as unrecoverable money is heavily invested into these bands and we simply cannot cancel it and abandon it. However, we do need everyone to start to process the reality of possibly postponing the event to a later date. Should this occur, we would be able to retain about 90% of the line-up (and replace any bands who can’t play new dates), rather than waiting this out until the last minute just to deal with the nightmare of possible extended government restrictions, many bands canceling, and many attendees not being able to attend.

We are working tirelessly on this, barely sleeping, and hoping we all find a way to get through this together.
Producing this event is an enormous undertaking as is without a global pandemic unfolding before our eyes, so we appreciate your support and understanding during this dark time. We will update you again as soon as humanly possible once more progress has been made on our end, as we know the uncertainty of the situation has everyone on edge.

This year’s lineup includes the likes of Bloodbath, Dismember, Archgoat, Suffocation, Monstrosity, Exhorder, Birdflesh and much more.

Stay tuned.

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