Bad Wolves’ Tommy Vext helped clean up wreckage in Santa Monica (video)

The killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer on May 25th has sparked outrage across our nation, inciting not only peaceful protesting, but also mass chaos and looting across major American cities.

Particularly, Santa Monica, California was hit hard by anarchy and burglary this past weekend, with dozens of looters breaking into stores and pedestrian malls like the Third Street Promenade, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Countless volunteers, including Bad Wolves’ own Tommy Vext, began cleaning up downtown Santa Monica on Monday morning, specifically sweeping debris and wiping graffiti off walls.

Via social media, Tommy posted the following message on Monday evening:

There is a lot of emotions going on today. I woke angry, embarrassed, frustrated and mostly disappointed.
But I am not powerless. People need our help. We can show up for others.

Today @douglasfruchey @emilyhayden & I saw hundreds of strangers including a 12 year old boy who just wanted to help.

I’m not sure if we did much for the store owners but we did something for ourselves and our community. People of all ages, races & beliefs came together and met one another for the first time. To help restore our communities.

#THISISAMERICA #cleanup #georgefloyd

Check out a brief clip from Monday’s cleanup below.

Concert shot by Johnny Perilla

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