‘Furnace Fest’ delayed until fall 2021

UPDATE 03/05/2021: Full lineup has been revealed HERE!

‘Furnace Fest’ has been officially delayed once again. The upcoming gathering now happens the weekend of September 24-26, 2021 in Birmingham, AL. Organizers write:

Hi Furnace Fest family!

Thank you for being so patient with us as we continue monitoring developments over Covid vaccines and when life might start looking semi-normal, especially as it relates to large, lively gatherings.

To be sure that this one-time reunion happens when we can ALL feel great about attending, we’ve decided that pushing to the weekend of September 24-26, 2021 is both the wise and safer option.

We’re actively booking a lineup of 84 bands across three stages (hint: the third stage will be a “main” stage – nothing small about it), and we assure you that this lineup is going to blow you away.

Understandably, you’ll likely have questions regarding refunds as well as who all is confirmed.

Feel free to leave any questions/thoughts/ideas/concerns/well-wishing here.

If you can be patient with us just a little longer, we’ll get through the holidays (and the most challenging year in recent memory) and update you come early 2021.

One thing is sure: we are looking forward to seeing you all this coming September, NOW MORE THAN EVER!

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