Rumahoy release new song/lyric video “Harambe, the Pirate Gorilla”

UK folk metal act Rumahoy are getting ready to unleash their new full-length album, ‘Time II: Party,’ on July 17th through Napalm Records (pre-order).

The band have just released their new single, “Harambe, the Pirate Gorilla,” in lyric video form. Stream below.

Here’s more info from the announcement:

The incredibly catchy melody merges with fast, propulsive drums and turns the single into a truly unforgettable song. The track is a classic pirate metal homage to its namesake whose death caused great controversy all over the world. If he were still alive, he would have definitely joined RUMAHOY’s crew – Hooks out for Harambe!


1. Cowboys of the Sea
2. Time to Party
3. Treasure Gun
4. The Legend of Captain Yarrface
5. Harambe, the Pirate Gorilla
6. Poop Deck Party
7. The Beer From My Town Is Better Than Yours
8. 1000 Years of Dust
9. Full Mast
10. Stolen Treasure

Photo by Elliot Vernon

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