Terror Universal launch “Spines” music video

In celebration of the third anniversary of their debut record ‘Make Them Bleed,’ heavy metal supergroup Terror Universal (consisting of current and former members of Soulfly, Upon a Burning Body and Ill Niño) have released (via Loudwire) an official music video for track “Spines” — stream the clip (directed by Wacy Jahn of Film/Facer Productions) below.

We are extremely proud at how the long-overdue video for ‘Spines’ turned out,” declares vocalist Plague. “Bringing to life a visual interpretation to one of our favorite tracks from the ‘Make Them Bleed’ record was something we’ve kicked around since its 2018 release. It’s always been a fan favorite and it’s that one tune that the entire crowd is screaming back at us. As soon as, you-know-what hit us, we found that we had a little extra time to actually do this. We’ll just call it a three-year anniversary present.

We probably shouldn’t have been spraying blood and black slimy ooze at anybody on a 30-degree winter’s day in Colorado, but hey…that’s what we did, because this is what we do!” Jahn states. “With complete freedom to visually interpret what the song felt like to us, we decided to just slam out a micro horror film. Think of it as ‘Romeo and Juliet’ meets ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’ Totally tailored for TERROR UNIVERSAL fans. The band loves old school horror films – obviously, the whole existence of the band is based on it. So as a treat to the true horror film fans out there, we shot traditionally on 16mm. We used the exact same negative film stock as what they used to shoot the original ‘Evil Dead.’ We were extremely stoked to say the least. In this digital age it’s definitely not as common to shoot music videos on film, and for that we think it’s cool.


Terror Universal is:
Vocals: Plague
Drums: Massacre
Guitars: Thrax
Bass: Diabolus

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