Maryland Deathfest 2020 “will most definitely be postponed”

Last week, organizers for this year’s Maryland Deathfest – which is currently planned for May 21 – 24 in Baltimore, MD — announced that there were no plans to cancel the gathering, though that postponing the 4-day event to a later date was a possibility.

Today, the fest revealed that the event will “most definitely” be postponed. On social media, they write:

MDF will most definitely be postponed. At this point, it should be pretty obvious why that is necessary. We have already confirmed nearly 60 of the originally scheduled bands and expect to have a full statement on the matter by the end of this week. Thanks for your patience. Any and all questions will be addressed in the upcoming official statement, but for now, know that this line-up will be preserved in all (or at least most) of its glory.

This year’s lineup includes the likes of Bloodbath, Dismember, Archgoat, Suffocation, Monstrosity, Exhorder, Birdflesh and much more.

Stay tuned for more.

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