Finntroll’s ‘Vredesvävd’ release date postponed until September

Due to unforeseen delays in production, Finntroll’s release of their new full-length album Vredesvävd had to be postponed to September 18th. Vredesvävd is Finntroll’s seventh full-length album and the first in seven years. The title translates to “Wrath-woven”, which implies what the vigorous, unapologetic and ill-spirited record is all about. Recorded and mixed at the renowned Sonic Pump Studios, mastered at Chartmakers and produced by keyboardist-composer Henri “Trollhorn” Sorvali with vocalist Mathias “Vreth” Lillmåns acting as his right hand, Vredesvävd presents the pointy-eared gang of misfits at their finest. Pre-orders will be available starting on Friday, July 17th.

Vredesvavd is shamelessly untrendy, fierce and a catchy album. Raising a mushroom-cladded middle finger towards lazy rock music, it whips and whacks the poor listener in a way that only Finntroll is capable of delivering. Combining something old, something new and a ton of something black,” states Finntroll about the release.

Vredesvävd Tracklist
1. Väktaren 00:02:48
2. Att Döda Med En Sten 00:03:37
3. Ormfolk 00:03:58
4. Gränars Väg 00:03:44
5. Forsen 00:04:07
6. Vid Häxans Härd 00:04:01
7. Myren 00:02:49
8. Stjärnornas Mjöd 00:04:08
9. Mask 00:03:01
10. Ylaren 00:05:06

Finntroll is Trollhorn (keyboards, orchestrations, guitars, banjo, mouth harp), Tundra (bass), Skrymer (guitars), Routa (guitar), Vreth (vocals), Virta (keys), and MörkÖ (drums).

Press release courtesy of The Orchard

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