Scordatura share new track “Disease of Mind”

UK brutal death metallers Scordatura are planning to unleash their new full-length effort, ‘Mass Failure,’ on September 25th, 2020 through Gore House Productions (pre-order).

The band recently revealed (via No Clean Singing) the impending LP’s first single in the form of “Disease of Mind.”

A message from Scordatura reads:

The album has been in the works for over three years now and we’re more than happy with the results. We feel we’ve taken the best elements from Self-Created Abyss and built on that to write a well balanced album of speed, technicality and groove. We decided to go for more of a ‘real life’ take on the lyrics, with how corrupt and how fucked up the world is. Our thought process in this was if we write about relevant and real life problems then people can potentially relate more to the music. We feel this is our strongest material to date and hopefully it will reflect on the music.

Stream “Disease of Mind”:

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