Drowned God premiere new song “Gnashing of Teeth”

Philly blackgaze band Drowned God have shared their new song new song “Gnashing of Teeth,” which you can check out below. The track appears on the band’s upcoming new album, ‘Pale Home,’ which comes out on March 26th through Solid State Records (pre-order).

‘Gnashing of Teeth’ was recorded during the lockdown in 2020,” the band says. “It is the embodiment of the chaos and uncertainty that we all felt last year. We really wanted to capture something gritty, dark, punishing, and vast. The ideas contributed by our producer, Seth Manchester (Machines With Magnets), really pushed this song into new territory for us. Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’ was a huge lyrical and tonal inspiration, as well.

A press release states, “Since their inception in 2015, The Drowned God have been known for creating sonic stories wrapped in chaos. In their first two projects, Moonbearer and I’ll Always Be The Same, the band introduces and then continues to examine a character swimming through seas of love, loss, and depression. The Drowned God dive deep into a lyrical well of emotion while hovering somewhere between black metal and hardcore. Their complex blend of heavy yet ethereal instrumentation prevents them from being limited by genre buzzwords.

The presser adds, “Their newest release, Pale Home, is a 10-track opus that finds its character swallowed up by paranoia in a purgatory afterlife. The record pummels, harnessing the more traditional style of The Drowned God’s earlier catalog.

Stream “Gnashing of Teeth”:

‘Pale Home’ track listing:
“I Met You“
“Buried In The Room”
“Awake In The Mourning”
“Without Ceremony”
“Near Spanish Lake”
“And It Was Weeping”
“All Haunted”
“Gnashing of Teeth”
“Bleeding Nature”
“You Remained Silent”

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